Efficient pre-screening

with automated video interviews

Get to see and hear the candidate and ask questions before you make a call. It's all in our solution for saving your time!

1 job is free

You can test our service with 1 free job landing page and all of available features. No limits, no restrictions. We believe that it's best to get acquainted, learn what we can do for you and then get down to serious business.

You can use Rescouted by yourself by creating and publishing links, managing candidates.

We can create job landing pages for you, prepare everything and you can use them.

We can do Google or Facebook advertising for you. Self-service or full service possible.

Recruiting software, applicant tracking system (ATS), and recruitment marketing tools used by top businesses

Do you no longer fancy unnecessary job interviews, telephone interviews or assessment centers? Thanks to Rescouted you will invite only top candidates and completely say goodbye to time-consuming recruiting activities. The application process becomes a unique experience.

Screening time

Screen significantly more applicants in less time & focus on top candidates

Good decisions

Hear the language and culture, make the right decisions early and skip to better candidates

ATS Integration

We will integrate with your applicant tracking system so you will be able to keep it!

On any device

The Video-Interview can be conducted via smartphone and PC. Via app or browser.

Efficient team recruiting

Review candidates together in a team and make the right decisions quickly.

Highest data security

All interviews are processed GDPR compliant and with respect to the ISO standards.


Video and text questions

100% flexibility in creating the interview questions

Combine video questions with Rescouted to get a comprehensive impression of your candidates. No telephone interviews required and individually tailored to your recruiting process.

We have prepared near 50 most common questions for you! Don't worry if you do not have your questions but want to start asap.

Remote ready

Find out who are potentially fit for a remote position faster

By performing video Q&A you can filter people who will be able to communicate efficiently enough with the rest of the team. This skill is critically important when working remotely with international teams.

All-in-one solution

Easy management, screening and selection of your candidates

Publish your link and collect applications from potential candidates. See the most motivated, skilled and smart people wanting to become your colleague.

View all interviews centrally in one place - alone or as a team. Evaluate the candidates according to individual criteria and make an efficient pre-selection. Everything out of one system.

Easy integration

Integration into your applicant tracking system

If you already work with an applicant management system, Rescouted can be integrated smoothly via Zapier and all important functions are available to you. Your excellent recruiting experience is guaranteed!

Check out our app

Apply with PC, laptop, tablet or your mobile device

Worried that your candidates might not have a working webcam and microphone? Some might not even have a PC or laptop for video recording. Let's get modern and use mobile as it is already most popular device of all times. Candidates will be able to apply to your job. This app allows to scan QR code or open links from the web.

How it works

1 - Create interview questions

Create an individual questionnaire for each open position. In addition to personal video questions, text questions and multiple-choice questions can be defined to check additional hard facts.

2 -Get a link to the application page

Use the link in ads or job boards like LinkedIn, Stark Overflow, Indeed, RemoteOk, and other. Land candidates to your job interview page!

3 - Identify top talents directly

After receiving the video interviews, you can view them all centrally and compare them with each other. Include HR colleagues and the department in the decision-making process.